Heading back to the Outer Banks.

I’m on my way back to the Outer Banks after a wonderful weekend spent shopping for new jewelry for the website; Beach Treasures Online and the Beach Essentials store in Duck. Since silver prices dropped a couple of weeks ago I was able to find some great sales on jewelry including some very rare and difficult to find pieces. I found the most amazing selection of Russian Charoite, which we have not been able to find for more than a year. I loaded up on earrings, pendants and bracelets!! Lots of new  Appalossa, Rhodochrosite, beautiful Native American cuffs and a very unique Boulder Turquoise link bracelet  I was also able to find some Larimar rings that would make a great Christmas gift. Oh and speaking of Christmas, I picked out some bright and shiny bling rings to help you fill your Christmas list…or to add to your personal list.

Beach Essentials will be open tomorrow October 27th at noon so come on in and check out all the new jewelry including a brand new crushed opal sea life line. If you aren’t able to visit us in person, don’t worry,  we’ll get our new product on-line just as quickly as we can.

You can visit our jewelry site now at BeachTreasuresOnline.com to check out our sales  and as always feel free to contact me personally at 252~261~1250 or beinduck@aol.com

I’ll be glad to help you find that perfect piece for the up coming holiday or any occasion.


China Belle reporting from Asheville

We just arrived in Asheville. The leaves are not at their peak but very pretty though. We had a bit of an interesting time checking in to our pet friendly hotel. The hotel put us in a very nice room. We started unpacking, of course my four-legged companions over pack, so Mom had to go back to the car for a second load. When she came back she noticed a sign saying that the floor we were on was not pet friendly!

The way I look at it, anyone can make a mistake. How you handle that mistake is what matters. Being a dog has its advantages, when I mess up, I just try to look cute and give lots of kisses. The desk clerk was apologetic and found us a new room that is very dog friendly. He also pointed out that they have complimentary dog cookies, coffee, and a breakfast buffet. I want bacon ! When we discovered that the new room which overlooks the pool and the mountains, did not have a fridge,he arranged for someone to bring one. It was there in less than five minutes.

So far, this Holiday Inn is friendly, clean and well staffed…now we,re going in search of photos, good walking areas and some dinner!

China Belle

Update on the jewelry buying trip.


This just in from Lisa at Beach Essentials.

I will be searching for wonderful and unique jewelry pieces in Rhodochrosite, Larimar, Onyx , Spiny Oyster and so many other great stones. Additionally I will be searching for big deals on Sterling Silver. Silver prices have dropped recently, so I should be able to find some great Sterling Rings, Bangles, Bracelets and Necklaces.You know we always pass the savings on to you!.. I’ll keep you posted as to what I’m able to locate!

See jewelry trip post

Have fun and be safe Lisa.


Jewelry buying trip!

A quick note to our readers, Lisa and China Belle from Beach Essentials in Duck will be leaving Sunday October 23, 2011 to go on a jewelry buying trip! If you have something special you want Lisa to look for just email her at beinduck@aol.com  During the trip the shop will be closed but will reopen on Thursday October 27, 2011 at noon.
Come in as soon as you can and check out the new bling! You’ll also want to check out China Belle’s new blog…Ruffin’ it Outer Banks Style. She will be reporting on Dog friendly facilities in Asheville North Carolina!