Available at our Outer Banks location or online store, Beach Essentials presents. A wonderful selection of SHIMMERWINGS, the Tropical Jewels of the Jungle.

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Our butterfly wings are harvested by trained and licensed workers. Please note that no butterflies are harmed in the process because at the end of their life cycle, butterflies lay their eggs and literally drop from the trees, whereupon their wings are collected and transformed into beautiful jewelry. Each is set in crystal clear acrylic and Sterling Silver.

Both utterly unique sides of the wing are visible! Please, however, try to avoid exposure to water; butterflies don’t like getting wet, and neither does this jewelry. Our butterfly wing collection is sold by size, shape, and color; while you won’t receive the exact wing pictured, it will be as close as Mother Nature allows! Your butterfly wing is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of Nature’s artwork! We recommend that you use a sterling polishing cloth to keep your Sterling Silver clean. The polishing cloth is safe for use with all our wonderful jewelry. As with all of our beautiful jewelry, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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