Keep your dog safe on the Outer Banks beaches.

Everyone loves the OBX beaches so Beach Essentials own China Belle has put together some tips about keeping your dogs vacation fun and safe!

Duck NC has been named One of the Top 10 Fido-Friendly Beach Towns in the US!

The only place where dogs may play unleashed is on the Town’s beach, although they must be under the watchful eye and control of a guardian.  Dogs are allowed on Duck’s beach year-round.  As a courtesy, remember to clean up after your pet and do not bury pet waste in the sand or throw it in the ocean, as this is not permitted. Also, be aware that during the heat of the day, a dog’s paws can burn on the hot sand and he/she can become easily dehydrated by the intense heat or by drinking salt water. * Source, Town of Duck

Suggestions from China Belle on how to keep your dog’s day at the beach fun and safe. Keep in mind that many dogs enjoy the swimming but their ability varies by fitness and breed. Monitor your dog for signs of exhaustion. Along with swimming, running on the sand is strenuous exercise. A dog that is out of shape can easily pull a tendon or ligament, so keep a check on your dog’s activity. Never leave your dog alone by the water!

Cool ocean water is tempting to your dog. Do not let your dog drink seawater; the salt will make him sick or even cause death. Make sure your dog has a shady spot to rest in and plenty of fresh water.

Dogs can get sunburned, especially those with short hair, white fur, and pink skin, can sunburn. Limit your dog’s exposure when the sun is strong and apply sunblock to his ears and nose 30 minutes before going outside.

Don’t forget the paw protection. Beach sand can become hot enough to burn tender paws and can hide broken bottles and jagged rocks.

Salt and other minerals in ocean water can damage your dog’s coat, so rinse him off at the end of the day. Remember to clean the ears too. Generally a quick wipe inside will help alleviate extra moisture that tends to build into an ear infection.

And just in case, here are some Outer Banks Emergency Vets!

China Belle reporting from Asheville

We just arrived in Asheville. The leaves are not at their peak but very pretty though. We had a bit of an interesting time checking in to our pet friendly hotel. The hotel put us in a very nice room. We started unpacking, of course my four-legged companions over pack, so Mom had to go back to the car for a second load. When she came back she noticed a sign saying that the floor we were on was not pet friendly!

The way I look at it, anyone can make a mistake. How you handle that mistake is what matters. Being a dog has its advantages, when I mess up, I just try to look cute and give lots of kisses. The desk clerk was apologetic and found us a new room that is very dog friendly. He also pointed out that they have complimentary dog cookies, coffee, and a breakfast buffet. I want bacon ! When we discovered that the new room which overlooks the pool and the mountains, did not have a fridge,he arranged for someone to bring one. It was there in less than five minutes.

So far, this Holiday Inn is friendly, clean and well staffed…now we,re going in search of photos, good walking areas and some dinner!

China Belle

Jewelry buying trip!

A quick note to our readers, Lisa and China Belle from Beach Essentials in Duck will be leaving Sunday October 23, 2011 to go on a jewelry buying trip! If you have something special you want Lisa to look for just email her at  During the trip the shop will be closed but will reopen on Thursday October 27, 2011 at noon.
Come in as soon as you can and check out the new bling! You’ll also want to check out China Belle’s new blog…Ruffin’ it Outer Banks Style. She will be reporting on Dog friendly facilities in Asheville North Carolina!