Appaloosa Collection Has Just Arrived!


This collection is Native American made and is often called Wild Horse.  The stone is comprised of Magnesite with Limonite and Huntite. It is found in the wilderness area of southern Arizona. Appaloosa is said to energize and revitalize the wearer. It also represents beauty, strength and determination. Many of our Appaloosa stones are Native American made. Those pieces will have a signature of initials on the back. Each Appaloosa stone is unique in color and design.  Visit us online at or drop by the store to see the entire collection.

More New Arrivals!

boulder18This  Boulder Turquoise pendant has earth tones of creamy blues and brown color running through the stone. This pendant would look astonishing just going to a casual outing wearing a pair of jeans, or a black tie affair with great friends.  Our Boulder Turquoise jewelry is Native American made and will have a signature or initials on the back Each piece of Boulder Turquoise stone is unique in color and design and is a one of a kind piece of artwork from Mother Nature!

spiney25Spiny Oyster Shell is found in the Sea of Cortez, Baja California and Mexico.  The shell comes in three main colors: red, orange and purple. This shell is truly nature’s own artwork!  Each Spiny Oyster piece is a unique shell.  It is said that Spiny Oyster Shell carries the energies of the water; bringing a calming, comforting feeling along with a sense of inner peace and balance to the wearer. Visit us online at or stop by the store to view our new collections.

New Arrivals!

gaspeite53jpgGaspeite is a healing stone.  It is thought to reduce stress. It’s light green, almost apple colors are quite unique.  Come by and see us at Beach Treasures in Duck to see the collection!


Rhodochrosite means rose colored. According to legend, Rhodochrosite has powers that include drawing love to the wearer. Visit us online at  New collections are added daily.

New Native American Rhodochrosite Jewelry

rhod11Just arrived our new one of a kind unique Native American Rhodochrosite Jewelry.  Rhodochrosite is a stone comprised of Manganese and Carbonite materials which form Stalagmites and Stalactites in caves found in Argentina and Montana. This wonderful stone has many spiritual and healing qualities. It is a soothing stone which helps heal the heart and spirit. It is also used for asthma, poor eyesight and to detoxify/heal the blood and liver. Most importantly, it makes beautiful jewelry! Many of our Rhodochrosite stones are Native American made. Those pieces will have a signature or initials on the back. Each Rhodochrosite stone is unique in color and design.  Visit us at to see the rest of the collection.